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Energy Procurement

Utilities Broker Services

Efficiency Direct's energy procurement team provide a business utilities procurement and energy broker service to assist UK companies buy energy, purchase the lowest gas and electric unit rates and secure the best business utility contracts.

Effective energy procurement is extremely important for businesses. In recent years, gas and electricity unit rates have been very volatile increasing by almost threefold in a very short time. Utility budgets have consequently rocketed making effective utilities procurement an essential part of the business energy management package.

With the ever increasing business energy rates, effective commercial energy procurement has never been so important.

Our energy procurement team constantly monitor energy market trends to be able to source the lowest utilities rates, charges and overall prices helping to reduce business's energy spend. That is what efficient energy procurement is all about.

Energy Broker Services

Our energy broker team procure energy efficiently whereby utility unit rates are tuned to each business’s usage pattern with the best prevailing market rates.

Our energy procurement experts monitor the utilities market trends and work with utilities suppliers to be able to offer competitive business electricity and gas deals.

Efficiency Direct energy procurement experts have experience sourcing and buying the lowest business energy rates available and managing energy procurement for UK companies.

Energy procurement combined with energy consultancy means businesses save energy and save money.

For more information about energy procurement, and how Efficiency Direct's energy broker team can assist your business to buy energy, please Contact Us.

More than an Energy Broker

Efficiency Direct are an Energy Broker and Energy Consultancy that prides itself on going above and beyond the duties of the average energy broker.

We often combine energy broker services with energy consultancy services to help business buy energy effectively and use energy efficiently.

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